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Who We Are

My trek to create this website and to propose legislation for the establishment of a West Virginia State Scenic River System began in early 2023 as I drove along the Cheat River in Preston County, West Virginia. The river is absolutely stunning as are the mountains surrounding it. The river, however, especially in the Cheat Canyon section, was severely damaged in 1994 by acid mine drainage from an abandoned mine, nearly decimating it forever.  But thanks to the continuing efforts by organizations like the Friends of the Cheat, it has miraculously rebounded.

The Cheat and many other beautiful, wild rivers in the state need protection.  So, I did some research and discovered that West Virginia does not have a state scenic rivers act, but neighboring states such as Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland do.  West Virginia does have Article 13, Natural Streams Preservation Act of 1994, but the current version does not provide the extensive protection to our rivers and streams as other states do and needs to be greatly enhanced.

Our state rivers need to be promoted more for their recreation and tourism potential.  Did you know that prior to the acid mine drainage that nearly destroyed the Cheat River, it was the go-to river for whitewater rafting?   Did you know that the Greenbrier River is the longest, non-tamed (unobstructed) river east of the Mississippi River?  The West Virginia State Scenic Rivers Act of 2024 would establish a State Scenic River System  that would be instrumental in improving West Virginia's river water quality, protecting their scenic beauty, and spurring tourism and recreational opportunities.


Please support the West Virginia State Scenic Rivers Act of 2024 by contacting your local and state representatives.  Together, let's make this a success for all of West Virginia.


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